The benefits of yoga for toddlers

Yoga is a practice that has been around for over 5,000 years. Originating in India, yoga is one of the oldest forms of holistic whole body health practices still around. It isn’t merely a type of  exercise; yoga is a lifestyle. True yogis (those who practice yoga) make living a healthy lifestyle their primary goal in life. Passing on the knowledge of yoga to young children is a great way to get them started down a lifelong path of healthy living.

Often times people hear of the benefits of yoga for adults, but are there any benefits for children? Absolutely! In fact, the earlier one can get started with yoga, the better. Not only does yoga help encourage proper brain function in young developing bodies, but it also helps increase circulation to growing limbs and muscles.

Toddlers benefits from yoga in numerous ways beyond brain function and circulation. Healthy character development is yet another one of the many facets that practicing yoga can bestow upon a child. Yoga helps toddlers develop self-control through practicing proper poses. Another way that toddlers benefit from yoga is through routines and healthy habits. A child who practices yoga regularly will typically carry the routine of frequent healthy exercise into adulthood.

In regards to physical development, toddlers benefit in numerous ways from practicing yoga regularly. Yoga assists in developing proper core strength, which is essential for healthy posture and spinal health. The immune system also benefits from practicing yoga regularly, as yoga ensures that the body is staying healthy and strong, which are essential in maintaining immune system health.

Due to the stresses of strenuous testing, extracurricular activities, and busy home lives, young children are far more stressed out than what is healthy for them. These overstressed children will act out, act sluggish and fatigued, struggle in school, and more. Yoga can help children with all of these issues by relieving stress. Yoga encourages self-discipline, self-control, increased circulation, and other mechanisms that can help in stress relief.

Additional benefits of teaching young children yoga is that it encourages proper balance and coordination. Through this, children can learn gracefulness, fluidity in their motions, and spine-supporting movement.

Teaching yoga to toddlers doesn’t have to be complicated or intense. It can begin with simple stretching techniques to help improve their flexibility and limberness. Once basic stretching has been established, then actual poses can be incorporated into the toddler’s education.

Yoga can also be quite fun for toddlers. They can imitate animals, plants, letters, and various other shapes when performing yoga poses. With so many resources on yoga for children available at parent’s disposal today, it’s impossible to not find a way to make yoga fun and interesting for toddlers.

The benefits of yoga for toddlers are too substantial to ignore. Not only can yoga help relieve stress, it can also help them sleep better (through relaxation and stress relief), improve their internal and physical health, and help them to develop good character qualities. All of these are absolutely essential when trying to raise well-rounded and happy toddlers.

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