It is time for children to smile

The month of September marks the onset of Spring in Australia- a time when Mother Nature is unveiled in all her splendor with plenty of vibrant wildflowers and eye-catching blooming gardens to feast one’s eyes upon. With the entire nation dressing up in the most spectacular manner possible, September also heralds the commencement of the school holidays - a time when children get a welcome break from their studies to pursue their hobbies and interests.

Eagerly awaited by parents and children alike, the two week holiday period ushers in unlimited fun for the kids who are relieved from their ongoing routine of homework and exams. Parents also get some much-needed respite from their day-to-day school-related activities such as getting their children ready for school, preparing school lunches and making sure that their children are actively participating in extracurricular and other after-school activities. Indeed, it seems as if the entire family has gotten into a holiday mood during this period with everyone fervently looking forward to these two weeks to let their hair down and recuperate themselves.

So, what is so alluring about these holidays that makes it worth the wait? Let’s reveal few of the aspects that are usually part and parcel of these short breaks.

An Opportunity to Embark on a Family Vacation
Many families plan their annual vacations in sync with the holiday schedule of their children’s school. Often, the school holidays is considered to be an ideal time for families to make short trips to near and faraway places to relax and unwind in the lap of nature. The weather is lovely - warm enough to engage in a round of swimming and cool enough to set off on an adventurous hike through one of the many beautiful National Parks. The abundance of flora all around serves as the perfect backdrop to capture picturesque family shots for lifetime remembrance!

Time for the Kids to Run Wild
Ever wondered why the mention of school holidays makes your child break into a wide grin? It is the mere thought of doing away with the stringent schedules and making the most of the gorgeous weather to let loose and undertake a variety of exhilarating sports that give them an instant adrenaline rush!

Australia is home to many themed playgrounds that attract children and families alike. Probably nothing delights the lively souls more than screaming their lungs out with endless rounds of electrifying outdoor games against lush and dramatic backgrounds! The beautiful spring weather is conducive for many recreational sports like diving, surfing, sailing, canoeing and kayaking that score high on the ‘to-do’ list of many energetic youngsters. Equally appealing is the wholesome entertainment that is in store for them in the form of mind-blowing water sports, kid-friendly treks and fascinating visits to wildlife parks for face-to-face encounters with the tigers, seals, sea lions, crocodiles, penguins, sharks, whales and the beautiful energetic dolphins! All in all, a great time awaits them during their school holidays in September.

Bonding Time for Families
With children being occupied throughout the year with demanding study sessions and examinations, the two week break gives them some well-deserved time off to connect with their families at a deeper level. More often than not, despite their busy schedules, parents make utmost efforts to ensure that they spend maximum time with their children. This could be in the form of simple leisure sessions such as cozy family picnics, impromptu trips to the beach, movie nights, long drives and a hearty meal at their child’s favourite restaurant or it could manifest itself in the form of awe-inspiring trips to Space Theatres or Planetariums that allow children to explore the mysteries of the universe in a fun and innovative way

Amusement parks are also a great source of entertainment for the children who love watching the amazing animal and bird shows that make them squeal with delight. Parents, who feel that there is more to learning than what is being taught in schools,  also opt for self-guided tours of Australia’s interactive museums to give their children
a quick glimpse into the country’s rich history and heritage. Needless to say, the two weeks are all about bonding with your child to the fullest. 

My memories of school holidays are dotted with plenty of ‘me-time’ when I would happily spend my time catching up with friends and relatives with whom I had not been in touch with for a long time. Since there was no homework to complete, I had endless hours at hand to try my hand at painting and pottery. I would also keep aside some time to accompany my parents to the many zoos and aquariums that abound this country. It was sheer bliss to observe our fabled wildlife and marine life that never failed to mesmerize me with their adorable antics! Sunbathing at the country’s innumerable pristine beaches, paying random trips to museums and verdant parks were also in order and made my holidays memorable and a one of a kind event that was much anticipated by me and my family every year.

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