Turn "Waiting Time into Great Times

“Emergency Parenting Assistance” bags are for the parenting moments that test resolve and build character! All parents have been there. The doctor’s appointment that turns into an hour-long event, or the time spent waiting “patiently” for a restaurant to seat you. During these times when parents need “emergency parenting assistance,” help can be just a duffle-bag away!

Spend just 20 minutes throwing this bag together and you’ll save yourself some frustration, and even enjoy some “wasted time,” when you least expect it.?

Most of these items are likely lying around your house.? So as an added bonus this project will help you clear out some closets and drawers, and find a use for most any duplicate present your child receives.? Let’s get started!

The Must-Have’s

These are the items that are fairly universal in their appeal.? Look around the house for toys that are simple, compact and inexpensive.? Most likely they have been relegated to the back of your child’s closet or the garage. These items also are flexible in their nature, allowing children of various ages to enjoy them, though differently. For instance a spiral notebook and markers becomes a doodle-pad for toddlers, sketchpad for pre-schoolers and a storybook-in-the-making for those in school. A small ball, or baggie filled with LEGO bricks, can be used in various ways as well. So wander through your house and look for items that all your children can play with, with varying doses of imagination!

Must-Have Items for Emergency Parenting Assistance
- Colouring book
- Blank spiral-bound notebook
- Crayons or washable marker
- Bubble blower
- Small ball
- Balloons
- LEGO bricks

- Simple puzzle
- Short books for quick reading
- Individual snack bags of long shelf-life foods (ie. pretzels, dried fruit)

The Practical Supplies
These items are not quite as fun, but they can save the day (and maybe a trip home) when you’re out and the unexpected happens. As you collect these items from around your house, think “health, safety and comfort”. Some health and safety-related items include band-aides, hand sanitizer, and good-old children’s panadol. A well-placed band aide, even on a barely-skinned knee, can turn tears into smiles of delight as Batman peers up at them.?

Also remember, a little comfort goes a long way. Always have folding chairs, a blanket and an light jacket for everyone in the family. Again, you probably have these extras cluttering your home anyway!

Practical Supplies for Emergency Parenting Assistance
- Blanket
- Folding chairs
- Hand sanitizer
- Small towel
- Band aides
- Children’s pain-reliever
- Light jacket or sweatshirt for everyone
- Napkins- Sunscreen
- Bug spray
- Flashlight
- Baby wipes (great for clean-ups, even when they’re no longer babies)

Outstanding Extras
These supplies aren’t absolutely necessary, but well-worth the extra money. Your kids will also think they’re “way cool”. Some of these items can be added from the duplicate presents your child may receive. It’s so much easier to toss them in the bag, than to return them!

It’s also worth a trip to your local “dollar store” to spend $5 and have some distractions packed away for a real emergency. You don’t need to overdo it, but it is a great place to stock up for rainy days, sick days or when you need to buy some time for yourself.? This type of advance planning often pays off big when it’s really needed.

You know your kids. What really surprises them, or gets them interested? Think about what they actually play with (for instance, bubble wrap), not what stocks the toy store shelves. It’s also nice to pack items that can be shared by a few children. Realistically, once you break-out your bag other children will be drawn to you. It’s a great way to make new friends, and provide another demonstration in sharing for your own children.

Right now is the perfect time to pack up your own bag of emergency parenting assistance.? Have it ready for when a little one is forced to endure an older brother’s soccer practice, or those dreaded times when the tyre actually goes. You’ll even use it for spontaneous moments, when there’s an hour to kill and a beautiful park in route to your destination. These are the times when just a little assistance can save the day, transforming a near-disaster or missed opportunity, into wonderful memories.