Awaken a Lifetime Love of Music

Wee Music Music is celebrating 12 years of sharing their respected music program with Brisbane families with the launch of their brand new website

Every child is born with an instinctive musicality. The Wee Make Music program nurtures this gift and enhances both the child’s musical ability and personal skills for life. There is no more effective tool than music to empower learning in a child and benefit all areas of development.

We offer classes in three Brisbane locations: Bulimba, New Farm and Wilston.

Our curriculum is unique and exceptional because:

*it is expertly designed, presented and supported by qualified, experienced teachers;

*our teachers love what they do and are passionate about your child’s development

*our families love participating and growing with us and creating special memories together.

Children are constantly absorbing and observing all that surrounds them. Our program is a carefully designed curriculum of age-appropriate, experiential based activities which engage, enhance and empower learning. Put simply, beat, rhythm, movement, melody and language and the elements used to teach students to sing, play instruments, explore, share and create. Wee Make Music is not a session to entertain but a class in which the child is encouraged and enriched with outcomes both immediate and diverse transcending early childhood for lifetime musical empowerment.

“One of the most noticeable features of each class is that it has been planned ahead and targeted at my child’s age group…classes are small and each child feels important and noticed. I love that my children don’t get overlooked when they speak…heard and responded to in a positive way. Personally, I love the interaction with my children at these classes; we are bonding and learning together through music…we take home what we learn. I couldn’t have chosen a better environment for my children” Karen Giuffrida

At Wee Make Music we are passionate about learning outcomes for all our children. Success is measured in the musical, cognitive and social enrichment that the whole family enjoys. Key to this is a strong team approach: teachers, parents/carers, and children sharing together in a cohesive and supportive environment. Sharing the Wee Make Music program is a joyful, bonding experience.

Musical activities are perfect for general child development. Music immerses the child in language, evokes movement and self expression, builds confidence and fosters physical coordination. Considerable research has been done to explore the value of integrating music into the life of a child from as early as the fourth month after conception. There is no doubt that it can significantly enrich the development of infants, toddlers and young children.

Contact us for current special offers. Email ph: 0434 357 764

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